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Máquina Nexes. Imagen cedida por Coyma

Coyma is a group of marketing companies of packaging machinery, services and consumables for food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. They started in 1979 as representatives of packaging machinery, but their good commercial skills allowed them to progressively expand their brand portfolio. Currently, apart from the parent company, the group is made up of Unidad 0701 S.L., Elmo Engineering PFM Ibérica S.A., Propack Solutions, In2 Printing Solutions S.L. and Nexes Control Design Engineering S.L. We spoke with the commercial director, Cristóbal Jorge, about innovation, upcoming launches and specific customer demands, who he hopes to see and meet again at Hispack, an unmissable event for Coyma.

What role does innovation play in Coyma when it comes to implementing projects tailored to customer’s needs?

Innovation is key, our R&D department at Nexes Controls Design Engineering is constantly working on new products as well as on implementation of disruptive technologies that will increase efficiency and flexibility of already existing installations. More and more, machines are being designed to fit the customer’s needs rather than customers adapting to the machines’ limitations.

Premade Simplex. Image courtesy of Coyma

Do you detect any cross-cutting needs regardless the sector to which the client belongs?

To mainstream is in our DNA. The experience accumulated in Coyma’s 40 years, in which we provided solutions to sectors such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries, allows us to transfer manufacturing knowledge and packaging technologies and processes from one sector to another. Thanks to this, our customers benefit from our experience, resulting in many success stories about improving their processes.

Your company is characterised by highly customised and flexible solutions. Do you have a sector or customer profile that traditionally demands more personalisation?

The food industry is usually the most sensitive to new product and presentations search. They have very active and dynamic R&D and marketing departments, which take advantage of every market opportunity to launch new products. However, throughout our history, we have also participated in many R&D projects in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, especially in packaging development and innovation.

Can you tell us about Propack Solutions’ new clean-room facilities?

Propak Solutions’ facilities are designed and built by one of our subsidiaries, ELMO Ingeniería Farmacéutica following GMP standards. Our processes are carried out in accordance with ISO 15378, specific to handling of primary packaging in the pharmaceutical and related industries. Working in the digital cutting and printing environment with In2 Printing Solutions technology allows us to offer the customer a very quick response with 24-hour deliveries and short runs.

Image courtesy of Coyma

Will there be any novelty at Hispack?

From our subsidiary Propak we are going to introduce new technology for digital printing with food grade edible inks, on compostable material for the coffee industry. In addition, we will also introduce our new compatible aluminium coffee capsules, which will soon be produced at our Sant Joan Despí plant.

On the other hand, we will introduce improvements made in our Nexes equipment for packaging of pre-made pouches (Doy Pack) with magnetic conveying technology. It is a compact, servo-driven machine with an automatic format changeover. Its dimensions are ideal to replace the traditional vertical cushion machines with our NEXES PREMADE, for Doypack manufacturing, 3 weld seams and a square bottom, taking advantage of the existing platform and scale, therefore, with 0 engineering costs.

After a pandemic marked period, what do you expect from this Hispack?

Since our founding in 1979, Coyma has always supported Fira de Barcelona in the celebration of Hispack. We are committed to trade fairs, it is a great opportunity to show a type of product that cannot be easily assessed through catalogues or videos. We hope that after the pandemic’s forced pause, this edition will be a success in terms of participation and visits from potential customers and suppliers, as well as opportunities, not only for business but also for the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Cristina Benavides, Hispack collaborator