Reasons to join the challenge

  • Hispack will be one of the best opportunities in the international fair calendar.
  • We attract all of the sector’s decision-makers with packaging needs.
  • Global and specialised demand.
  • A platform positioned to tackle the great challenges facing the sector.

More reasons to take part

Five sectors to improve your visiting experience

  • Focusing on innovation to promote your business and improve your customer’s user experience.
  • Training and networking on digitalisation, sustainability and logistics with experts in the sector.
  • Training and networking on digitalisation, sustainability and logistics with experts in the sector.

More reasons to visit


A new structure to achieve the best visitor experience

Sectoral map

This is the best place to be

Hispack 2022 will occupy pavilions 2 and 3 of the Gran Via venue. We’re restructuring our sectorisation and designing specific product-based routes so that visitors can find your latest innovations.

Brand Packaging
  • Containers solutions, materials, finishes and designs.
  • Point of Purchase (POP) advertising material.
  • Innovation in bottles, bags, cans, cases, labels, closures and coatings, etc.
Packaging machinery & process
  • Thermoforming machinery.
  • Filling machines.
  • Control and verification machinery.
  • Components and accessories for wrapping and packaging machines.
  • Machines for the shaping of rigid packaging with flexible packaging inside.
  • Machinery for the protection of products.
  • Closing machines.
  • Machinery for the conditioning, wrapping and closure of multiple kinds of packaging.
  • Cleaning machines and equipment.
  • Machinery for transporting and sorting packaging elements.
  • Load unit protection machines.
  • Retraction machines and equipment.
  • Stretch machines with rotating coils.
  • Machines for the treatment of flexible films.
  • Automation and digitisation equipment.
  • Process machinery.
Industrial packaging
  • Packaging materials for volume solutions.
  • Means of packaging.
  • Auxiliary means of packaging.
Logistics, automation & robotics
  • Automated handling systems.
  • Robotic equipment.
  • Complementary maintenance materials and systems.
  • Automation and digitisation equipment.
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Labelling & Bottling
  • Process machinery for the manufacture of drinks, liquid dairy products and other bottled liquid foods.
  • Filling and dosing machinery.
  • Machinery for the inspection and detection of impurities.
  • Cleaning and sanitation machinery and systems.
  • Packaging formation machinery.
  • Closure systems.
  • End of line.
  • Water treatment systems and energy efficiency.
  • Machinery for labelling, coding and marking.
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Eight sectors that look for solutions to packaging challenges

Food and drinks

Food and drinks

Innovation forms part of the DNA of the food industry and packaging is one of the main pillars of the transformation process.



With important challenges in terms of sustainability and safety, the sector is looking towards packaging in order to find new solutions.

Cosmetics and perfumery

Cosmetics and perfumery

Packaging should constantly reinvent itself and seek excellence and new materials which, in addition to being functional, must be capable of surprising the consumer.

Medicinal products

Medicinal products

The packaging must resolve new issues concerning the functionality, dosage and preservation of the product.

Pharmaceutical products

Pharmaceutical products

The sector is facing new challenges at the point of sale and in terms of the creativity and innovation of its packaging.

Industrial goods

Industrial goods

The need to optimise costs and be efficient without undermining quality and safety obliges us to constantly innovate.

The Automotive sector

The Automotive sector

The search for increasingly smart packaging, coding and handling solutions is essential for this industry.

Other non-food sectors

Other non-food sectors

Packaging, maintenance and storage solutions that help to optimise the supply chain of any productive activity.


More than a visitor: a decision-maker

We connect you with the decision makers; our visitor has a managerial profile in leading billing companies in all the food and non-food sectors. A visitor who values the profitability of visiting Hispack very highly.

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With a managerial profile
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Manufacturers of the end product
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Conference attendees
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Involved in the purchase decisions
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International visitors


Packaging committed to the environment throughout the entire life cycle

From the raw material to the recycling process, our goal is to offer a comprehensive vision of the sector, focusing on sustainable products.

This is why we adhere and commit to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) before, during and after the event.

Objetivos de desarrollo sostenible


Beyond the challenges facing the sector

We are tackling the challenges facing packaging, from the digitalisation of the packaging production processes to sustainability, ecodesign and the co-existence between the producer and user. We cover challenges of the sector from beginning to end.

Sustainability by Hispack

Real sustainable proposals for everyone to improve together

Packaging logistics by Hispack

Resource optimisation from the factory to the consumer

New trends that will mark the future of consumption

Automation by Hispack

The improvement of the production process by means of automation

More than an event: One ecosystem

The entire packaging universe in a single ecosystem that places value on innovation in the sector through all the current developments and a comprehensive activity schedule.


You can now join the challenge

Choose how to take part, get further information or send us your participation application form now. You mark the next step.





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