11 Thursday June 2020

Packaging in the "new normal" of the food industry

Food and health, two fundamental sectors during the global health crisis, have positioned packaging as an indispensable element to ensure the supply of basic products with the guarantees of hygiene and safety demanded by the current situation.

11 Thursday June 2020

Ten packaging trends in the post-Covid era

The "new normal" is a term we've become accustomed to in recent weeks following the outbreak of COVID-19 in our lives. This prevailing reality is also having a direct impact on the entire value chain of the packaging, processing and logistics sector, which is demonstrating that its strength is, now more than ever before, unarguable. Below we list ten trends set to affect packaging in the post-Covid era.

11 Thursday June 2020

New business and sustainability models, the challenges facing post-Covid logistics

Within the context of the health emergency we've experienced since the emergence of Covid, the packaging sector has positioned itself as an indispensable industry when it comes to ensuring the distribution and supply of essential products to the entire population. In part, this has been made possible by a logistics sector that has proven its adaptability and its ability to react rapidly to an exceptional situation.

30 Thursday April 2020

Hispack acknowledges #LaFuerzadelPackaging

Fira Barcelona's Hispack fair is launching a campaign to pay tribute to the Spanish packaging industry which, during this health emergency, has proved to be an essential and indispensable industry for the world to continue to function.

18 Wednesday December 2019

The Hispack 2021 Organizing Committee has been formed

Hispack has recently created the Organizing Committee for its 2021 edition. This sector advisory body is responsible for guiding the overall strategy of the event. It is formed by 40 members, including entrepreneurs and executives from the packaging industry, as well as representatives from organisations and associations in the industry.

18 Wednesday December 2019

New sectoring for a better visiting experience

Hispack 2021 is expected to bring together nearly a thousand direct exhibitors and the representation of more than 1,800 brands, representing an increase by 18% in company participation compared to 2018. The trade fair is planning to occupy a net surface area of more than 42,000m2 in halls 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Gran Via venue and grow by 12% in terms of visitors.

17 Tuesday December 2019

Towards 4.0 logistics: More big data, connectivity, and automation

IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and robotics are concepts that are already integrated in the supply chain and also have an effect on packaging processes, although there is still a long way to go and many possibilities to be explored. Two companies, Polymer Logistics and Ulma Handling Systems give us a glimpse into the near future with some of the trends they foresee.

16 Wednesday October 2019

TheCircularLab, an Ecoembes initiative to manage waste more efficiently and sustainably

ecoembesThe first circular economy laboratory for packaging in Europe

27 Friday September 2019

F. Faiges and OneWorld Packaging, winners of a Liderpack in the "Save Food" category

Save FoodAmong the 27 winners of the Liderpack awards are F. Faiges S.L. and OneWorld Packaging S.L., recognised in the "Save Food" category for their solutions to avoiding food waste.

19 Friday July 2019

Co-creation and Design Thinking: how to improve the user experience

Although co-creation and design thinking are two known methodologies, their application is not as widespread as one might expect. Nevertheless, experts believe that talking to the user is the only way to evolve and innovate