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Gerard Márquez, CEO of IHRESS



“We want to be one of the leaders of the packaging machinery”


IHRESS manufactures end-of-line packaging machinery for different industries. According to its CEO, Gerard Márquez, it’s vital to offer a service and technology tailored to the needs of customers while guaranteeing premium production and implementation standards. It also manufactures customised machines to meet highly specific needs. We discussed all this with Márquez, together with the presentation of the new brand and the company’s attendance at Hispack.


– The company’s personnel and its CEO have worked in the market for over 22 years, but you’ve recently presented a new brand. What’s behind the strategy?

Renew or die. It’s a classic phrase, perhaps even a bit of a cliché because it’s been used so much, but, in a variable environment that’s advancing in leaps and bounds, with global competition and a highly competitive packaging market, we have to give the public what they ask for. At IHRESS we strive to deliver new ideas and new proposals.

– What does IHRESS offer and what distinctive value makes it stand out from the other brands in the industry?

We offer a comprehensive range of premium packaging machinery, machines fully adaptable to production needs, with IoT, Wi-Fi connections, aids for MES, ERP, production control, etc. We’re a company with a huge vocation to serve, with factories in Europe, Asia and America.

– You present yourselves as specialists in the manufacture and sale of premium industrial machinery for end-of-line automation. Can you tell us about any particular case or the benefits your industrial machinery brings to your customers?

Although we manufacture standard machines, we ensure that different types of industries can use them and make the most of them. We also manufacture customised machines to meet the specific needs indicated by the customer.


– You’ve been operating in the packaging machinery market around the world for over 20 years. What growth plans do you have?

As I mentioned before, we have factories and delegations in different parts of the world; we currently sell in over 56 countries and our aim is to move forward with our own subsidiaries and the distributors. For example, IHRESS Chile and IHRESS USA will open their doors this year.

– What kinds of customers do you have?

All kinds, companies from large corporations that have approved us to small firms and distribution chains.

– What role does Spain play within the company?

It accounts for about 20% of our global turnover. Despite the figures, it isn’t the most important country in numerical terms, but it is in terms of how close we are to our customers and the direct feedback we receive from them.


– Is this the first time you’ve been a Global Partner at Hispack?

With this brand it is, but we’ve been attending Hispack for years and contributing to the fair as a Global Partner. Our motivation is clear; in this new business adventure we want to be one of the agents at the forefront of packaging machinery.


– What do you expect to find at the fair?

First of all, we’ll say hello to the customers, share a few comments or have a coffee with our competitors, display the changes in our range of products and have a great time interacting with the world of packaging.

What more can we ask for?

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Cristina Benavides, Hispack partner