We have restructured Hispack into 5 different sectors with specific solutions, contents and, directions.
We focus on innovation to promote your business and improve your end customer's user experience.
We bring together the best companies with solutions for both national and international food and non-food sectors. More than 1,100 brands represented and 600 exhibitors.
We are the platform which plays an active role between supply and demand that accompanies the industry to promote the most innovative solutions in the sector.
We exhibit the technology, processes and knowledge which help you reduce costs and improve your efficiency.
We bring together the entire packaging life cycle: materials, machinery and the industrial process, logistics and automation, design, retail, use experience and recycling. All in the presence of industry 4.0.
We go further: From the digitalisation of production processes to sustainability and logistics, we defined an extensive training programme around the Hispack Challenges, cross-cutting issues related to the packaging and packaging life cycle.
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Hispack 2022 is your Trade Fair

We put all the innovation in the world of packaging at the service of your business. Customised content for eight demand sectors, both food and non-food.

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The New Power of Packaging

We are on the side of the industry that innovates in all industries and in this edition we divided the show into sectors to improve your visiting experience.

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The participants' experiences speak for themselves

Maite Viñes

AEDA (Spanish Aerosol Association)

Hispack’s Strategic Plan is an ambitious plan with a change of perspective. The fair has always fulfilled its function of representing the entire packaging ecosystem, but it now also focuses on users. They must be at the centre of things, so that they can be offered useful solutions and provided with satisfactory user experiences.

Jordi Bernabeu

President of Hispack

Hispack’s Strategic Plan is a three-pillar plan: growth, the opening up to the new ecosystem of processes and logistics, which also form part of packaging, and the internationalisation of the fair. Hispack is a well-established event in the domestic market and a leader in the packaging world, so it has to grow through its international visitors.

Michele Palma


There will be significant changes in the sector that we may not even be able to conceive, related to issues such as sustainability. Industries that lead the market today will disappear if they aren’t transformed. At the same time, new opportunities will be generated, so they’ll have to keep abreast of the trends.

Eugenio Santos


A product’s packaging is a key element that directly impacts on the consumer’s purchasing decision, it is therefore important to consider all those elements that will impact on their use experience: materials, eco-design, customization and market trends. Hispack has established itself as a show of international prestige which offers solutions to deal with the requests of companies, generating value and presenting innovations in each edition.

Carlos Aguilar

Luciano Aguilar

The circular economy will mark the future. There are countries in northern Europe where there are already recycling machines next to dispensers. There are issues that are not purely about packaging but are related to the industry, and we must address them.

Eva Minguella


The thing I appreciate most about Hispack is the perseverance, in that it keeps providing contents and gives continuity to the project. As a designer, I think we have to enhance the relationship between industry and design, especially in Barcelona, which is the city of design.

Xavier Cuxart


The most interesting aspect of Hispack’s Strategic Plan is its future projection and its ambition to showcase itself to the world. Hispack has also presented some goals with a great deal of soul, with total respect for visitors and exhibitors. This is how a crossover culture heralding a good future is created.

José Miguel Morales

Bizerba Iberia España

The sector will be turned upside down. There is talk of major absentees such as plastic in the short term, but it won’t stop there. We’ll have to focus on smart packaging and augmented reality, bringing real value in terms of traceability, user experience and contents. The challenge is a major one, but the opportunities are too.

Carlos Cano

Canopack Technologies

Hispack’s Strategic Plan has updated ideas with a view to adapting to the new trends. The future fairs will present major challenges for the industry and Hispack itself, and the project has the basis for providing answers.

Xavier Pifarre

ABB Robotics

The sector depends on the demands of users who demand flexibility and personalisation. I imagine an industry capable of offering multiple automated distribution and manufacturing solutions, as it will be necessary to optimise production.

Aleix Fortuny


Hispack is no longer just a fair, it’s a content generator. Visitors appreciate this generation of high-quality and technological contents, as they discover new trends while they are doing business during the event.

Ángel Lozano

CEP (Spanish Plastics Centre)

The main strength of the plan is precisely the fact that there is a strategic plan for the fair. It’s not so common to think in the long term, but it’s essential in such a competitive age.

Carlos Lizandara

Centro Español de Plásticos

Plastic is an excellent material and, in many applications, it is the only suitable material for packaging and protecting the items we want to deliver to the consumer, considerably increasing the expiry date, functionality and hygiene and all this with a great reduction in weight compared to alternative materials.