Ferran Vaqué Bover

International Sales Manager & New Project Manager | Careli 2007 SLUVic, Barcelona, Spain
Ferran Vaqué Bover


Ferran graduated from the University of Barcelona with a degree in International Business. He joined Careli's commercial team in 2017, with the aim of helping to internationalise the company. During this time, he has also been able to be part of the development of new projects, giving a very important weight to sustainable packaging.


Roundtable | Hispack Unboxing Boosters Sustainability

Chempack: recovery of packaging and recycled material in the chemical, drugstore and cosmetics sector

Jesús Pérez
Jesús Pérez Cluster de Innovación del Envase y EmbalajeDirectorModerador/Presentador
Ferran Vaqué Bover
Ferran Vaqué BoverCareli 2007 SLUInternational Sales Manager & New Project ManagerSpeaker
Israel Nadal Valor
Israel Nadal ValorIRISEMSpeaker
Francisco Javier Calatayud Frances
Francisco Javier Calatayud FrancesRNB CosméticosInnovation & Packaging DivisionSpeaker
Cesar Aliaga Baquero
Cesar Aliaga BaqueroITENEHead of Packaging and Circular EconomySpeaker

#Recyling, reuse and reduction

25-05-2022 11:3025-05-2022 12:30Europe/MadridChempack: recovery of packaging and recycled material in the chemical, drugstore and cosmetics sector

Chempack is a project developed by the Packaging Innovation Cluster and Quimacova. An initiative that has worked on the main challenges facing the chemical, drug and cosmetics industry in terms of packaging. With the participation of leading brands from the chemical sector, suppliers and technology developers, the session will focus on experiences in the development of new packaging, new materials, the promotion of recovery strategies and the reintroduction of recycled materials.

Hispack Unboxing - Hall 2
Wed 25 11:30h - 12:30h Hispack Unboxing - Hall 2