A full house for Spanish entrants at the WorldStar Awards, the most important packaging competition in the world

10 out of 10. All ten Spanish entrants for the 2020 WorldStar Awards, the most important packaging competition in the world, are returning home with prizes. Only products which have previously won awards at national events recognized by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) can take part in this competition. In the case of Spain, these are the Liderpack Awards organised by Graphispack Asociación and Fira de Barcelona’s Hispack fair. A total of 321 packaging products from 36 countries were put forward for the Fifty-Second WorldStar Awards, record figures for the competition.

The Spanish prize-winners are: LatCub (Alzamora Packaging), a cardboard can yoke that replaces plastic rings and reduces transit packaging. VisualCan (Aragonesa de Desarrollos e Innovaciones), a hygienic protective cover for individual cans made from a recyclable flexible material; organic compostable coffee capsules from Cafès Novell made from renewable materials; Fizzy Caps, a recyclable and reusable cap for carbonated drinks bottles that replaces aluminium and plastic crown and screw caps; Lanjaron Red (Pulp Design), a 100% recyclable plastic bottle made from recycled plastic; MANS biodegradable packaging for the distribution and sale of organic fruit and vegetables (the tray is cardboard and the netting is cotton), the new packaging is lighter than the conventional packaging used for this purpose at the moment; Jakeidociclo (Flexomed), a kaleidocycle for sweets that as well as being a toy can be used as a sweet holder and centrepiece for the table; compostable packaging (Frit Ravich) for organic nuts; the Cabina London nº1 González Byass Distr. S.L. pack (Miralles Cartonajes) that looks like the classic British red telephone box and can be reused as a lamp; and Scudo (Brafim), a protective system for furniture manufacturers made from cardboard that can replace high-density foam.

This year’s WorldStar Awards saw 214 prizes being awarded for: beverages; food; health and beauty; medicine and pharmacy; home; electronics; luxury packaging; labelling and decoration for packaging; packaging materials and components; point of sale; logistics, and others. The panel of judges, made up of 35 representatives of packaging associations from around the world, determines whether a product is more worthy of a WorldStar Award than other packaging entries in the same category.

For the third consecutive year the country receiving the most prizes is Japan (34), followed by China (22), Australia and New Zealand competing together – ANZ (13) and Germany (12). With 10 trophies, Spanish packaging is in fifth place alongside Austria, India and Thailand.

The awards ceremony will be held in Düsseldorf (Germany) on 8 May 2020 as part of the Interpack trade fair, when the winners of the special categories (best sustainable packaging, best packaging to prevent food waste, best packaging marketing and the President of the Jury’s prize) will be announced along with the winners of the WorldStar Student Awards. Let’s not forget that the student competition has five Spanish entrants from groups from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, the Jaume I University, ESD Madrid, EASD Antonio López and the University of Zaragoza. Each of those groups won a Liderpack “Young Design” award at the National Packaging and Wrapping Design and Sustainability Awards organised by the Packaging and Wrapping Innovation Cluster.

General secretary of the Graphispack Association, Ignasi Cusí, who took part in the deliberations of the Worldstar Awards jury in Bali in November, emphasised “the high quality and originality of the entries”, recalling that “these are major awards that attract the very best in each country.” According to Cusí, the final decision confirms “the leading roles that sustainability and the circular economy are taking on in the design and manufacture of packaging of all kinds.” Hispack director Xavier Pascual expressed his satisfaction that Spanish packaging has once again be so highly rated: “For all the Spanish entrants to win an award is a reflection of the quality, design and know-how of the Spanish packaging industry. It gives us great satisfaction to see how, year after year, winners of Liderpack awards are among the world’s packaging elite.”

Barcelona, 10th December, 2019

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