A summary of our initiatives to revitalize the sector. We are working on it to offer you a wide programme in constant actualisation.


4 Challenges

The challenges of future’s packaging

Approach yourself to our open space to know more about innovations and trends from a debate of study cases and recognized experts.

We will look for the answer to the most challenging questions of the sector, from the beginning until the end: from the digitalization of the packaging production processes until the sustainability, the eco-design and the coexistence of the manufacturer and user.

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It is essential to increase the support for a more sustainable packaging. The biodegradable materials, the eco-design, the optimization of the resources and the circular economy are a proof of commitment to improve all together.

Packaging and logistics go hand in hand to optimize the timing, the cost and the efficiency in all the supply chain. It has become established a new way of thinking and developing the packaging.

Packaging has an impact on the experience of the consumer. The convenience packaging, the intelligent and active packaging or the personalization are trends that will shape the future of consumption.

Automation provides the sector with new tools to improve the production process, the quality management and the industrial maintenance.



Cosmetics & Fragances International Packaging Congress

The first packaging congress about cosmetics and fragrances with an international and 360º approach.

Discover the best sector innovations through conferences, guided visits and an international corner about innovation, where a committee of experts will reward the main representatives of the sector to enhance the value of their work.

With a hybrid and international format, COSFRAPACK will focus on networking and knowledge dissemination between different parts of the ecosystem.

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  • Sustainability in materials and designs and the European regulation
  • Optimization of the resources
  • Automation and user experience, from the production to the final consumer

To whom has been designed?

  • Managers and experts of product development departments
  • Sales
  • Innovation
  • Research
  • Customer experience of the entire value chain of the beauty sector
  • Consultancies and agencies connected to sustainability and the changes of this industry
  • Marketing


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