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Keys to implementing a WMS in the packaging and labelling industry

Oriol Corbera Romaguera
Oriol Corbera RomagueraMecalux Software SolutionsSpeaker
Juan Pablo Calvo
Juan Pablo Calvo IntermarkGeneral ManagerSpeaker

#Connectivity, #Traceability, #Warehouse automation

24-05-2022 17:0024-05-2022 17:45Europe/MadridKeys to implementing a WMS in the packaging and labelling industry

Intermark Packaging & Labelling has implemented the Mecalux Easy WMS management system to optimise all logistics processes, from receipts and storage to picking and dispatch. The WMS enables cross-docking management to reduce the number of product movements within the storeroom and achieve more efficient order reception and picking. The Multi Carrier Shipping Software module has also been installed, which streamlines the packing and labelling of orders, while communicating with transport agencies. Finally, the Supply Chain Analytics module has been installed so that the customer has access to a series of dashboards/panels, which allow them to see interactively what is happening in the storeroom through the traceability of different KPIs

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