Nuria Lopez Aznar

Researcher at the Packaging Department | AimplasSpain
Nuria Lopez Aznar


Senior researcher at the Packaging Department of AIMPLAS. Ph.D. in Materials engineering from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. 19 years of experience in the processing of polymers by extrusion and in the development of new sustainable products. Technical coordination of projects at national and international level.


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Are bioplastics the ultimate solution to sustainable packaging development?

Nuria Lopez Aznar
Nuria Lopez AznarAimplasResearcher at the Packaging DepartmentSpeaker

#Ecodesign, #Recyling, reuse and reduction

25-05-2022 15:3025-05-2022 16:00Europe/MadridAre bioplastics the ultimate solution to sustainable packaging development?

The circular economy is key today and will be in the future in the face of the lack of material resources and bioplastics are presented as an alternative on the way, but are they really the definitive solution? In the presentation, we will talk about the bioplastics market and its growth trend, as well as the main applications within the sector. We will discuss the challenges and opportunities of these materials, as well as when they are truly sustainable packaging solutions.

Hispack Unboxing - Hall 2
Wed 25 15:30h - 16:00h Hispack Unboxing - Hall 2