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Mercè Riera Fradera


Marketing professional with more than 20 years delivering successful results in FMCG companies: L'Oréal, Puig, Frit Ravich. Currently is helping small and medium-sized companies growing their business through Strategic Marketing and Brand Development: Freskibo, Cadí, Sarasa.


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Packaging design, a partner in business development

Antonio Sans Sanchez
Antonio Sans SanchezAceitunas SarasaSpeaker
Mercè Riera Fradera
Mercè Riera FraderaAtelier de MarketingSpeaker
Eva Minguella Mas
Eva Minguella MasEva EstudiSpeaker

24-05-2022 17:0024-05-2022 18:30Europe/MadridPackaging design, a partner in business development

To move a strategic brand reflection forward we need a partner, and one of the most important ones is packaging design, as it obliges us to deliberate and provide answers with regard to our positioning, the channels, the range of structures and so on. To achieve objectives we have only two cards to play, packaging and communication, and packaging is one of the most important contact points for connecting with the consumer. To illustrate the contents we’ll present the recent redesign process at Aceitunas Sarasa and during the round-table discussion we’ll discuss some key factors that are recurrent in these kinds of processes.

Hispack Unboxing - Hall 2
Tue 24 17:00h - 18:30h Hispack Unboxing - Hall 2