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Lluís Canyadell


Industrial Engineer Industrial Director at Vallformosa.


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Machinery integration. Vallformosa case

Lluís Canyadell
Lluís Canyadell VallformosaIndustrial DirectorSpeaker
Antoni Graupera Garcia
Antoni Graupera GarciaTAI Smart FactoryCEOSpeaker
Alberto Ferrari
Alberto Ferrari DIFMAQManaging DirectorSpeaker

#Connectivity, #E-commerce, #Internationalisation

25-05-2022 17:0025-05-2022 17:45Europe/MadridMachinery integration. Vallformosa case

A session to discover how the wine and sparkling wine manufacturer Vallformosa managed to adapt its pre-industry 4.0 machinery to a MES Industry 4.0 environment. A commitment that has enabled it to automate machine operations through full connectivity and traceability.

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