Daniel Olivares Luengo

Operations Manager | San Jorge Packaging Santiago, Chile
Daniel Olivares Luengo


Industrial Civil Engineer from the Adolfo Ibañez University, fourth generation of direct descendants in the company, born and raised in the San Jorge Packaging factory.


Roundtable | Hispack Unboxing Boosters Sustainability

Sustainable packaging for food contact: innovative perspectives and experiences

Pablo Vilanova Montagut
Pablo Vilanova Montagut Mercabarna Director of Sustainability, Innovation and Strategy Moderador/Presentador
Encarna Gómez Moreno
Encarna Gómez Moreno AINIA Head of Product and Process Technologies Department Speaker
Daniel Olivares Luengo
Daniel Olivares Luengo San Jorge Packaging Operations Manager Speaker
Lorena Contreras Godoy
Lorena Contreras Godoy Agrosuper Deputy Product Development Manager Speaker
Amaya Prat Solís
Amaya Prat Solís Ametller Origen Speaker

#Ecodesign, #Food contact, #Sustainability

26-05-2022 11:30 26-05-2022 12:30 Europe/Madrid Sustainable packaging for food contact: innovative perspectives and experiences

The session will focus on the specific sustainability needs and solutions in packaging for the food sector throughout its value chain, from production to consumption. Innovation in sustainable materials faces challenges of compatibility with food contact and must in turn maintain or improve the preservation and shelf-life needs of products, as a key focus of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 12.3)

Hispack Unboxing - Hall 2
Thu 26 11:30h - 12:30h Hispack Unboxing - Hall 2