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Damià Garcia Priu


Thriving B2B warehousing with Estoko Logistics. Estoko is a Warehousing-as-a-Service cloud solution, empowering our clients with the benefit of a sophisticated, agile, and integrated logistics AI & Blockchain platform that connects businesses in need of storage, fulfillment and distribution to independent warehouses with excess capacity of space.


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B2B warehousing: when, where and what you need (Estoko Logistics)

Damià Garcia Priu
Damià Garcia PriuEstokoCo-founder & Business DevelopmentSpeaker

#E-commerce, #Logistics, #Warehouse automation

25-05-2022 11:1525-05-2022 11:40Europe/MadridB2B warehousing: when, where and what you need (Estoko Logistics)

#Innolablogistics with Estoko Logístics. A new way of understanding warehousing and logistics, interconnecting via Cloud+AI companies that need flexible storage space with other companies that have unused excess storage capacity.

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