Cristina Galán

Head of the Packaging Sector Group | ANAIP
Cristina Galán


Graduate in Chemical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Master's Degree in Chemistry Science and Technology from the UNED. 4 years as Deputy Secretary General of ASOBIOCOM 1 year as Head of ANAIP's Packaging Sectoral Group


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Target 2030: Is it possible to meet the recycling targets for packaging?

Sergio Giménez
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Eva Verdejo
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Cristina Galán
Cristina Galán ANAIPHead of the Packaging Sector GroupSpeaker
Mayca Bernardo Colina
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Víctor Monge
Víctor Monge CPMESpeaker
Beatriz Meunier
Beatriz Meunier Plastics EuropeSpeaker

24-05-2022 11:3024-05-2022 13:30Europe/MadridTarget 2030: Is it possible to meet the recycling targets for packaging?

By 2030 all packaging must be 100% recyclable and contain a minimum recycling rate. Recycling percentages are included both in the draft waste law and in the draft royal decree on packaging, which sets important recycling content targets ranging from 15% to 60%, depending on the type of product. Is there enough recycled material? is it possible to meet these objectives? What challenges do we have to overcome to achieve them?

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