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Constanza Saavedra


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Evolving profiles in intralogistics: technology and talent

Constanza Saavedra
Constanza Saavedra InfoPLC++ Director Moderador/Presentador
Rodrigo Véliz de la Quintana
Rodrigo Véliz de la Quintana The Mill & Partner CEO & Founder Speaker

#Logistics, #Talent and training

27-05-2022 12:30 27-05-2022 14:00 Europe/Madrid Evolving profiles in intralogistics: technology and talent

Packaging and intralogistics are part of the design, manufacturing, distribution and maintenance processes found in the life cycle of industrial products (food and non-food). End-of-line automation is extended with the automation of intralogistics through the use of fixed or mobile robots. Warehouse management applications are integrated with ERP and logistics management systems. All of this has an impact on the talent the company needs in order to take advantage of this evolution, both in terms of the expansion of technological and management skills (with processes more widely distributed and new business models), as well as the transversal skills that the new, more open and collaborative work environments require.  

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