Borja Lafuente

Head Sustainability Iberia | Danone Spain
Borja Lafuente


Roundtable | Hispack Unboxing

Transformation from purpose to packaging

Pablo Sánchez
Pablo Sánchez B Lab Executive Director Moderador/Presentador
Meritxell Escarrà Feller
Meritxell Escarrà Feller The Body Shop Head of Brand and Activism Speaker
Marta Anglada Roig
Marta Anglada Roig Ferrer Head Sustainability Speaker
Borja Lafuente
Borja Lafuente Danone Head Sustainability Iberia Speaker
Tim Eaves
Tim Eaves Quadpack CEO and Co-founder Speaker


24-05-2022 15:30 24-05-2022 17:00 Europe/Madrid Transformation from purpose to packaging

We are facing a new business era in which companies are increasingly defining a social business purpose to guide their activity. This transformation process is also reaching the packaging, which is becoming an essential element in conveying this purpose to the company's stakeholders. What will packaging look like in the future? How will packaging change in the light of this new business trend? In this session moderated by B Lab Spain, we will address these issues with the help of major brands such as Danone, The Body Shop, Ferrer and Quadpack.

Hispack Unboxing - Hall 2
Tue 24 15:30h - 17:00h Hispack Unboxing - Hall 2