Antoni Graupera Garcia

CEO | TAI Smart FactorySpain
Antoni Graupera Garcia


CEO of TAI SMART FACTORY Associate professor at UAB Member of the international commission of PIMEC and member of the Smart Tech Cluster Registered advisor of Industry 4.0 by ACCIO


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Machinery integration. Vallformosa case

Lluís Canyadell
Lluís Canyadell VallformosaIndustrial DirectorSpeaker
Antoni Graupera Garcia
Antoni Graupera GarciaTAI Smart FactoryCEOSpeaker
Alberto Ferrari
Alberto Ferrari DIFMAQManaging DirectorSpeaker

#Connectivity, #E-commerce, #Internationalisation

25-05-2022 17:0025-05-2022 17:45Europe/MadridMachinery integration. Vallformosa case

A session to discover how the wine and sparkling wine manufacturer Vallformosa managed to adapt its pre-industry 4.0 machinery to a MES Industry 4.0 environment. A commitment that has enabled it to automate machine operations through full connectivity and traceability.

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Wed 25 17:00h - 17:45h Hispack Unboxing - Hall 3