Alfred Piqueras Folch

Alfred Piqueras Folch


Roundtable | Hispack Unboxing Boosters Sustainability

Horizon 2030: developing sustainable innovation in practice

Àlex Brossa Enrique
Àlex Brossa EnriquePackaging ClusterCluster ManagerModerador/Presentador
Ana Palencia García
Ana Palencia GarcíaUnileverSustainable Business and Communications DirectorSpeaker
Pere Coll
Pere Coll Enplater GroupR&D+i ManagerSpeaker
Alfred Piqueras Folch
Alfred Piqueras FolchHenkelSpeaker
Iago Candal Liñares
Iago Candal LiñaresDS SmithSpeaker

#Ecodesign, #Recyling, reuse and reduction, #Sustainability

26-05-2022 16:0026-05-2022 17:00Europe/MadridHorizon 2030: developing sustainable innovation in practice

All packaging in the European Union must be reusable or recyclable in an economically viable way by 2030. This time horizon paints an accelerated picture of sustainable innovation among leading brands and the packaging industry. Participating companies will show how these sustainability objectives are generating new scenarios for cooperation and the development of innovation based on the resolution of specific challenges.

Hispack Unboxing - Hall 2
Thu 26 16:00h - 17:00h Hispack Unboxing - Hall 2