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Roundtable | Hispack Unboxing Intralogistics automation

How to automate logistics to meet the high demand for electric chargers

David Padillo Redondon
David Padillo RedondonWallboxSpeaker
Gabriela Martín
Gabriela Martín WallboxGlobal Logistic Strategic & Project ManagerSpeaker
Juan Jesus Martínez
Juan Jesus Martínez MecaluxSpeaker
Alex Alonso
Alex Alonso MecaluxSpeaker

#Logistics, #Warehouse automation

24-05-2022 12:3024-05-2022 13:15Europe/MadridHow to automate logistics to meet the high demand for electric chargers

Wallbox has decided to automate the logistics of its new factory in Barcelona to expand its production capacity. Mecalux has developed a series of 4.0 logistics solutions that will improve Wallbox's productivity and efficiency in this stage of growth. The storage systems installed by Mecalux will allow Wallbox to store over 43,700 boxes and over 3,600 pallets of raw materials and finished products. The automated box storeroom will streamline storage and order preparation tasks to support the production of one million electric chargers a year. Mecalux's Easy WMS software will guarantee precise control and total traceability of stock in order to ensure deliveries of electric chargers to the end customer in just 72 hours.

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