(exclusive product for companies of more than 60 m2)

4.700€ VAT not included Pre-Show During the Show Post-Show
Visibility in Show Promotion Items
Logo in the show's online and printed catalogue (together with the name) No
Logo on the website (homepage, 2nd level)
Logo on the app's virtual map No No
Logo indicating location on the hall's floor plan displays No No
Mention and following on social media
Logo in the post-show report No No
Two-sided Venetian Canvas in the pavilion (priority in choosing location) No No
Electronic invitation 300 No No
VIP invitations 15 No No
Access to the VIP room No No
Add Services
Priority at the customer service desk
Priority in incident resolution
Sending welcome envelope (passes, parking...) No No
Parking spaces No 5 No
Access to the venue during assembly and disassembly (5 hours a day) No
1 daily breakfast tray No No

* Does not include: Stand, space or compulsory insurance

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