Topics 2022

Learn about the main topics of this edition, designed to showcase all the keys to what’s working well and what will shape the future of packaging.

Hispack Unboxing Corner | HALL 2

Materials, design and sustainability

User experience

Representatives from different sectors, business customers, marketing and communication specialists and researchers are looking forward to talking with you to exchange ideas and innovations in terms of:

  • Standing out through packaging design
  • Branding
  • Personalisation
  • Premium pack
  • Trends


Learn about main lines of development among brands and in the industry to minimise environmental impact and improve the properties of packaging based on sustainability criteria:

  • Solutions in the areas of eco-design, mono-materials and packaging recyclability
  • Solutions & strategies for reuse
  • Reintroduction of recycled material
  • Bioplastics and compostability
  • Certification and traceability systems

Hispack Unboxing Corner | HALL 3

Automation and logistics

Intralogistics automation

Don’t miss the sessions on how to integrate new technologies into existing systems, their impact on sustainability and the talent they demand. We’ll talk about:

  • Smart warehouses
  • Autonomous transport
  • Warehouse automation
  • Integration of operations (software)
  • Traceability support
  • Trends in intralogistics: technology and talent

Automation of machinery and process

Discover trends and new features in the automation and efficient management of filling, bottling, closing and labelling machines. Come and learn about:

  • Advances in machine automation
  • Advanced connectivity
  • Integration of machinery
  • Machine lifecycle management

Hispack Unboxing

From challenges to achievements

The current context demands results. That’s why, after having addressed the major challenges facing our industry, at Hispack22 we are going to reveal all the answers by learning about successful cases of applied innovation.

And so, Hispack Challenges becomes Hispack Unboxing. An open and revealing space. A space that addresses the challenges of #packaging and logistics from start to finish, in a tangible, specific and quantifiable way.

Take the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of how the companies and key players in the sector put innovation into practice to offer more effective and profitable solutions that meet the new needs of customers and consumers.

We know what the challenges are, now we’re going to share the solutions.