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22 October 2020

This year the contest that Hispack and Graphispack Association are calling for has awarded 35 works of packaging, packing and POS.

Liderpack 2020 winners are outstanding in sustainability, functionality and visibility in retail

Paper packaging with barrier properties; bags with lateral caps useful for desalting cod without staining, or attractive cases with wine bottles integrated in metal ice buckets are some examples of the winning products of the Liderpack 2020 Awards that emphasize sustainability, functionality and visibility of the packaging in retail. This year, the contest organised by Graphispack Asociación and Fira de Barcelona's Hispack trade show has recognised a total of 35 works in packaging, Point of Sale Advertising (POS) and Young Design, in addition to the special category "solutions facing the Covid-19".

Once again the Liderpack Awards point to sustainability in packaging as one of the axes of development of new packaging. Most of the awarded solutions outstand for the use of environmentally friendly materials such as cardboard, paper or glass; the use of recycled and recyclable plastic and monomaterials in flexible packaging; the application of eco-design; as well as ergonomics and practicality. Projects designed to draw the attention of the consumer, optimise logistics and improve the experience of using the products are also worth mentioning.

In this edition, 86 works were presented by companies and schools from 11 Spanish provinces. After evaluating each product, the jury has awarded 13 prizes in the speciality of packaging, 14 in the section of POS and six in "Young Design".

In addition, the two works awarded in the special category "best solution to the Covid-19" must be added to recognize packaging as an essential sector in the face of the pandemic. This is VisualCan by Aragonesa de Desarrollos e Innovaciones, a case of flexible material to protect cans of beverages and the Flexomed Face Screen, made of cardboard, foam, Velcro and plastic film which was produced over half a million units in just one month due to the lack of masks last March.

Two products have also been chosen as "the best of the competition" in packaging and POS, respectively: A Premium pack for the "Gran Reserva 50 years of Bodegas Toro Albalá" Balsamic Vinegar, designed by Durero Packaging and Series Nemo, and the Danone van for the "Drinks" campaign.

Packaging Categories

The food and beverage packaging categories hold half of the awards. The Barcelona firm Enplater has won a Liderpack for "Papershield", a paper package with barrier properties for food products. Hinojosa Packaging Xàtiva has been awarded for "Barket", an octagonal wave cardboard tray for fruit and vegetables, which can be heat-sealed, replacing plastic, as well as Durero Packaging and Series Nemo, for the case and packaging for the "Gran Reserva 50 years of Bodegas Toro Albalá" Balsamic Vinegar, which also won another Liderpack in the Premium Packaging category. Also received a Liderpack the proposal of Flexomed for Ubago that reinvents the way of consuming cod: a recyclable bag with a lateral cap to desalinate the fish in the same package only by adding water.

As for the drinks section, the award-winning packaging stands out for its search of the "wow effect" at the point of sale. The winners were: Gráficas Salnes "functional wine pack", consisting of two bottles of wine in a paint bucket like an ice bucket and easily transported thanks to an attractive microchannel case; the Sleeve printed in flexography and silk-screen printing by Ovelar for the "Treasure Gold" cava; and the "Ron Barceló Premium Blend 30th anniversary" pack with an elegant bottle in a gold case, designed by Durero Packaging and Series Nemo.

In the category of packaging for household products, the winner was the Careli 2007 Flopp system of water-soluble capsules and reusable bottle made of recycled plastic to prepare cleaning products with the aim of reducing single-use plastics. Meanwhile, the best packaging for pharmacy and parapharmacy has corresponded to "slimConcept" from Leca Graphics, a practical cardboard box that applies the ecodesign to contain two types of vials to be consumed in alternate days.

Likewise, the packaging solution for logistics and distribution awarded this year has been the "telescopic packaging cover" by Tecnicarton which can be adapted to different sizes thanks to some side tabs. In the "miscellaneous" category, the winners were a minimalist and eco-friendly welcome pack for Toro, a new brand of natural and vegan hair cosmetics, designed by JMG Garrofé Disseny; and the flexible rPETSAC® container by Climesa made from recycled PET bottles and, therefore, recyclable.

Young design

This year, six prizes were awarded in the category for students, which included the 15 finalist projects in the 11th National Packaging Design and Sustainability Awards organised by the Packaging Innovation Cluster. Two of them respond to the challenge of rethinking honey packaging. These are the "Honey extruder" project by Jone Pérez Moreno, Garazi Otxandorena Leregi and Mario Marco Nafria, students at the Mondragon University, which incorporates a non-drip dosage system to calculate the exact amount of honey extracted into a 100% sustainable container; and "Apipack" by Helena Maestre Leal of EASD Alcoy, a reusable, refillable container with a compression dosage system with adjustable nozzle used for products such as glues or silicones.

Two other award-winning works provide sustainable returnable packaging solutions for ecommerce: "Bettabox" by Marina del Pino Arroyo and Salomé Quesada Arias, students at ESD Madrid, and "Eco-Hybrid Box" by Irene Hinojosa Deler, Ana Tudó Bitrián, Daniel Peris Martínez and Javier Redondo from the University of Zaragoza. These proposals take into account the optimisation of the logistics chain, the elimination of extra packaging and the user experience.

Likewise, the "Layer_Bx" project by Eva Milán, a student at the Escuela Superior de Diseño in Madrid, was awarded, which consisted of a podium made up of four pieces made of totally recyclable materials that highlight the product on the shelf. The work "Muna" by Mónica Zapata, Pilar Simón, Ignacio Turón and Rocío Fuentes from the University of Zaragoza also won a Liderpack, a metal sheet that provides visibility and enhances a bottle of cologne.

Liderpack - Popai Awards for POS

This year, the number of winning entries in the field of POS has increased considerably. Specifically, 14 projects will receive a Liderpack-Popai Award, an award recognised by the Global Marketing and Retail Association, Popai.

The Montmeló-based company Adaequo was the big winner in this category with four awards: "Display True Instinct Affinity", a tabletop display for dog food products; "J'Adore Noel Kit Decor Masterpiece", a large format perfume bottle on a podium printed in 3D with gold sequins application; "Outpost Deco Merchandising 212 Carolina Herrera", furniture and totems for this fragrance that imitate fire hydrants; and "Furniture presentation BIC range" for the pens and lighters exhibition.

It is followed by the dgé-plv firm with three awards: "Interactive display enjoying Bodegas Vintae" which reinforces the consumer experience at the point of sale; "Flutox modular and versatile display" and the "Fluimucil / Espididol revolving display kit" for placement in pharmacies.

Two awards each include the firms Tot Display (with the works "Noria Kit Kat" and "Isla Silla Socorrista BDF"); Uriach Consumer Healthcare S.L. ("Aquilea Magnesium Exhibitor" made with lenticular printing and "Aquilea Waterfall"); and Danone ("Extendable height delimiter" which allows up to four shelves to be marked on the shelf and "Drinks Campaign Van", to highlight the product on display in fridges placed inside a vehicle's recreation. Mayence completes the list of winners with "Julia Nails Premium", an exclusive nail polish display cabinet.

Presided by Carlos Aguilar, the Jury of this edition of the Liderpack has valued aspects related to the functionality, experience of use, the sustainability as much in materials, processes, ecodesign and recyclability, the saving of costs, the design, the power of the graphical image and the effect called of the package in the lineal one, as well as the benefits of the packaging bound to the logistics and the distribution.

Among the winners in the packaging section, the jury has selected four works that will represent Spain in the WorldStar for Packaging 2021, the most important packaging competition in the world, whose decision will be made public next December. Similarly, the six winning entries in the "Young Design" category will automatically participate in the WorldStar Student Awards, the packaging competition for students worldwide.

Organised by Graphispack Asociación and Fira de Barcelona's Hispack show since 1995, the Liderpack awards are the most important prizes awarded in Spain in the field of packaging and POS material. They annually promote and recognise the innovation and creativity of the companies and professionals involved in the manufacture and design of packaging and POS elements.

The Liderpack 2020 award ceremony will take place within the framework of the Hispack celebration which is scheduled for October 2021

Barceloma, 22 de octubre de 2020

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