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  • Trends: Pointers to the perfect packaging
  • Report: Premium packaging can be sustainable too
  • Sucess story: Decopak Europ and the challenge of concrete packaging
  • The company: Bizerba, combining tradition and innovation
  • Pack Experience Agenda: Nine of the Spanish Liderpack award-winners were ranked among the best packaging projects in the world

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  • Trends: The PoP reclaims its place in retail.
  • Report: What do consumers want?
  • Sucess story: Flexomed, innovating towards neuro-packaging.
  • The company: Marchesini, innovation in business DNA.

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  • Trends: Towards the digital transformation of the packaging industry.
  • Report: Packaging against food wastage.
  • Succes story: Liderpack Awards recognise around 30 packaging and PoP products as the best of 2017.
  • Interview with Camil Castellà, industrial designer and one of the founders of Aktiva Design.
  • The company: DS Smith, tradition and modernity in packaging.

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  • Press release: Hispack 2018 has already sold 80% of the planned exhibition space.
  • Report: Packaging Logistics.
  • Trends: Eco-design.
  • Success story: NUK, brand of baby pacifiers.
  • Interview with Jordi Boada, Francisco García and José Hervás, from CIMA.

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