F. Faiges and OneWorld Packaging, winners of a Liderpack in the "Save Food" category

27 September 2019

Save FoodAmong the 27 winners of the Liderpack awards are F. Faiges S.L. and OneWorld Packaging S.L., recognised in the "Save Food" category for their solutions to avoiding food waste.

F. Faiges – Abaco extra virgin olive oil condiments

Thanks to its exclusive anti-drip cap that operates with hand pressure, this packaging permits cutting down and economising on oil use, avoiding the waste produced by traditional bottles which splash out oil when used for cooking, spilling onto the hands of the user and the bottle itself and using much more product than desired. Additionally, it comes in a PET container which is 100% recyclable, light, unbreakable and sustainable.

Olive oil

Condiments of Abaco extra virgin olive oil.

OneWorld Packaging – Compostable tray

This Valladolid-based company has developed its own technology for manufacturing completely compostable trays which means zero waste in food packaging. This line of products is suitable for oven and microwave use and includes optimal barriers for packaging fresh or frozen food in a long-term atmosphere, thus reducing food waste.

Compostable tray

Compostable tray that reduces food waste.